Rug Braiding and Hooking Educational Books and DVDs by Verna Cox
Rug Braiding Educational Materials
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Verna Cox, a Maine Native, has been Traditional Rug Braiding for over 40 years. As a young person she was exposed to many crafts in sewing and art skills, but braiding captured most of her time and energies.
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She has been seen in Woman's Day, Family Circle, Country Decorator Magazine, Rug Hooking Magazing, Down East Magazine and County Woman and has been featured in News Stories and talk shows on commercial TV as well as PBS.

Verna has developed an illustrated, instructional manual on Traditional Rug Braiding & Five Teaching Videos on Traditional Rug Braiding & Hooking.

It is because of her success in this field that she was asked to write an instructional manual on working with "Cotton Braided Rugs". It was interesting that Cotton needed to be
worked in such a different manner.

You will find the "Plaiting with Cotton" not only easy to create, but also obtain the "Country Look" that so many craftsmen want.

Illustrated, instructional books on Traditional Rug Braiding and Teaching DvD's on Traditional Rug Braiding & Hooking.

These Instruction Manuals and Teaching DvD's have been created to encourage quality craftsmanship on Rug Hooking and Rug Braiding. These Traditional and Primitive Crafts have become most popular in recent years, meeting the demands of Country Decorating. Information is also available on sources for tools, fabrics, and supplies.

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Cox Enterprises: 10 Dube Road, Verona Island, ME 04416
Phone: (207) 469-6402

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